Q: What is the difference between devnet and testnet?

A: devnet is targeted at developers to let them test their smart contracts and applications before deploying to mainnet. testnet is used primarily to test new Solana releases. See the Solana docs for more details.

Q: What free RPC endpoints are available?

A: For devnet:


For mainnet:


See the Solana docs for more details such as rate limits.

For production, you should consider using a custom RPC endpoint.

Q: What custom RPC endpoints are out there?

A: You can consider running your own or use one of the following:




Metaplex Candy Machine

Q: Why has the price for uploading NFTs to a candy machine changed?

A: The developers changed uploads to start costing a fixed amount per file for Arweave. Currently that’s 0.0023 SOL.

Q: How much does it cost to deploy X NFTs using Candy Machine?

A: I’ve started a spreadsheet with reported costs from the Metaplex Discord users. See it here.

Q: What is the candy machine PDA for mainnet and is it the same for devnet?

A: It’s cndyAnrLdpjq1Ssp1z8xxDsB8dxe7u4HL5Nxi2K5WXZ for both.

Q: Why doesn’t my candy machine cli command work?

A: Things to check:

  • Are you on the latest version of the main branch?

  • Are you in the same directory as your .cache file?

  • Are you running the command on the correct network?

    (Commands default to devnet. Use --env mainnet-beta for mainnet.)